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When will 'The Sinner' Leave Netflix?

The Sinner – Picture: USA Network

With all four seasons of the hit USA Network show The Sinner now streaming on Netflix around the globe, the countdown is now on when the show departs.

Based on the Petra Hammesfahr novel, the anthology crime drama series is among the best TV shows on Netflix, having begun its run in 2017 and recently wrapped up with its final fourth season in 2021.

While there were talks of a fifth season, they never came to fruition, meaning that season 4 is the last.

Netflix carries the global right to The Sinner, with most carrying the title with Netflix Original branding.

When will The Sinner leave Netflix in the United States?

With the final season arriving on October 13th, 2022, the countdown starts as to when all four seasons will leave.

Our current intel suggests that Netflix will now keep the license to The Sinner for five years in the United States.

That means the series will leave in October 2027 with the caveat that some NBC Universal licensed titles leave much sooner (within 2-3 years following the final season).

the sinner season 3 netflix release schedule

The Sinner – Picture: USA Network

When will The Sinner leave Netflix internationally?

Most international regions received the fourth and final season much sooner than the United States. Almost all regions received the final season in January 2022.

Our intel suggests that, despite being a Netflix Original, you’ll see all four seasons leaving a year before the United States in December 2026. 

Why is a Netflix Original leaving Netflix? Well, we’ve covered in the past, but many Netflix Original titles are just exclusive that Netflix acquired for a fixed period.

Where will the show stream after leaving Netflix?

With the underlying rights owned by NBCUniversal Television Distribution, unless a new buyer for the show is found, the rights will likely default to NBC’s streaming services in respective regions.

In the United States, that’ll be Peacock (which hosts a large collection of USA Network content); elsewhere, it’ll be NowTV/Sky in the UK and Peacock wherever else it exists.

Will you miss The Sinner when it leaves Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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