What’s Coming to Netflix This Week: October 17th to 23rd, 2022 | © 2023

What's Coming to Netflix This Week: October 17th to 23rd, 2022

Pictured: The School for Good and Evil, Barbarians season 2, and From Scratch

Welcome along to another preview of what’s coming up on Netflix over the next week. At least a couple dozen titles are scheduled to hit Netflix over the next 7 days so here are our most anticipated movies and series plus the full list. 

Looking ahead, we just updated our October 2022 release schedule list for the final time this month with some of new series and movies coming up. We’ve also just updated our ongoing preview of what’s coming up on Netflix in November.

Best New Movies and Shows Coming to Netflix This Week

Barbarians (Season 2)

Coming to Netflix: Friday

German shows are blowing up on Netflix right now with the countries strongest lineup on Netflix in history. Following The Empress, we’re getting the second season of the criminally overlooked Barbarians series. If you love Vikings: Valhalla or The Last Kingdom and haven’t checked this out yet, you’re missing out.

Here’s what you can expect going into season 2:

“One year after the Varus Battle the Roman troops have returned to Germania, stronger than ever, and Ari is confronted with his Roman past once more. His brother has joined the Roman side in order to punish Ari for his betrayal of Rome. While Thusnelda and Ari join forces to unite the tribes against Rome, Folkwin ominously challenges the gods.”

Unsolved Mysteries (Volume 3)

Coming to Netflix: Tuesday

unsolved mysteries volume 3

Unsolved Mysteries Volume 3 – Picture: Netflix

Unsolved Mysteries is back just in time for Halloween. The rebooted docuseries seeks to tell you numerous true crime and spooky stories that have unresolved endings.

Only the first three episodes will drop on Netflix on Tuesday with the remainder coming on October 25th and November 1st.

Here’s a breakdown of the episodes coming this week:

  • Mystery at Mile Marker 45 – “Tiffany Valiante, a promising young athlete, is struck by a train four miles from home. But was her death a suicide or something more sinister?”
  • Something in the Sky – “Over 300 residents of western Michigan report seeing unearthly lights on the night of March 8th, 1994. Decades later, the event remains unexplained.”
  • Body in Bags – “A beloved father is brutally mutilated, but his presumed killer, a woman he knew from high school, escapes without a trace.”

The School for Good and Evil 

Coming to Netflix: Wednesday

Netflix’s big new movie for the week and one of its biggest family movies of the year is the new fantasy adaptation starring Charlize Theron and Kerry Washington.

Directed by Paul Feig, the Soman Chainani adaptation tells us the story of Sophie and Agatha both kidnapped into a school that trains people to either be heroes or villains.

Full List of New Releases on Netflix Coming This Week

Coming to Netflix on October 17th

  • Waffles + Mochi’s Restaurant (Season 2) Netflix Original Series

Coming to Netflix on October 18th

  • Gabriel Iglesias: Stadium Fluffy (2022) Netflix Original Special
  • LiSA Another Great Day (2022) Netflix Original Special
  • Somebody Feed Phil (Season 6) Netflix Original Documentary
  • Unsolved Mysteries (Volume 3) Netflix Original Documentary

Coming to Netflix on October 19th

  • Notre-Dame (Limited Series) Netflix Orignal Series
  • The Green Glove Gang (Season 1) Netflix Original Series
  • The School for Good and Evil (2022) Netflix Original Movie
  • The Stranger (2022) Netflix Original Movie

Coming to Netflix on October 20th

  • Super Senior Heroes (2022)
  • Vatican Girl: The Disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi (Limited Series) Netflix Original Series

Coming to Netflix on October 21st

  • 28 Days Haunted (Season 1) Netflix Original Series
  • 20th Century Girl (Season 1) Netflix Original Movie
  • Barbarians (Season 2) Netflix Original Series
  • Descendant (2022) Netflix Original Documentary
  • From Scratch (Season 1) Netflix Original Series
  • High: Confessions of an Ibiza Drug Mule (Season 1) Netflix Original Series
  • Nairobi Half Life (2012)
  • ONI: Thunder God’s Tale (Season 1) Netflix Original Series
  • Pokémon: Ultimate Journeys: The Series (Season 1) Netflix Original Series
  • The Valley of a Thousand Hills (2020)

Coming to Netflix on October 22nd

  • Franco Escamilla: Eavesdropping (2022) Netflix Original Special
  • Krishna Vrinda Vihari (2022)
  • LOL Surprise! Winter Fashion Show (2022)

What are you going to check out on Netflix this week? Let us know in the comments down below.

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What’s Coming to Netflix in October 2022 | © 2023

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