Tyler Perry Sets ‘Six Triple Eight’ Movie at Netflix: Everything We Know So Far | © 2023

Tyler Perry Sets 'Six Triple Eight' Movie at Netflix: Everything We Know So Far

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Multiple production listings suggest that Tyler Perry is working on a new movie at Netflix. Six Triple Eight will be Tyler Perry’s first time producing and directing a historical war drama centered on the story of the Six Triple Eight, the only all-black female unit that served in WW2.

Six Triple Eight is an upcoming historical war drama written, directed, and produced by Tyler Perry. Production will be handled by Perry’s studio, The Tyler Perry Company, and will be the studio’s first time producing a War drama.

Producers listed on the project alongside Perry are Angi Bones (The House Next Door), Peter Gruber, Nicole Avant (Wag the Dog), Keri Selig (Passengers), and Carlota Espinosa.

What is the plot of Six Triple Eight?

The synopsis for Six Triple Eight has been sourced from ProductionWeekly:

“During the height of the conflict in World War II circa 1943, difficulties in the war led to a change in priorities, and much of the mail previously reaching soldiers on the front lines has been halted. As warehouses begin to overflow with unfulfilled deliveries, soldiers’ hopes are dashed as they lose contact with their families back home. To fix this problem, the 6888th Battalion – the Women’s Army Corps’ all-Black battalion including over 800 female soldiers – is sent to tackle the impossible challenge of sorting years’ worth of backlogged mail. Even as military higher-ups hope to see the plan fail, the Six Triple Eight are determined to deliver hope to soldiers and families across the world.”

What was the 6888th Battalion?

The 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion, nicknamed the “Six Triple Eight” served as an All-black battalion of the US army in the Woman’s Army Corps in WW2.

The battalion, consisting of five companies, had 855 personnel, including enlisted personnel and officers. The Six Triple Eight was the first all-female, all-black battalion sent overseas during WW2.

Its purpose was to aid the U.S. Army, which, thanks to the war, had lost a significant shortage of soldiers who were able to manage its postal service.

After taking part in basic training in Georgia, in February 1945, the battalion was transported to Britain. Arriving in Birmingham, at the temporary post office, it was the battalion’s task to sort through the mail that was estimated to have a backlog of 17 million items, some of which had been at the post office for two years.

tyler perry war drama six triple eight battalian members

The monumental task was supposed to take up to six months to complete, but thanks to the Six Triple Eight’s hard work, intelligence, and perseverance, it took just three months. Not only had they completed the backlog from the US Army, but also backlogs for the UK and French too.

Once the task in Birmingham was completed, the battalion was sent across the English Channel into liberated France to Rouen and deal with another backlog. In October 1945, the Roeun backlog was completed.

tyler perry war drama six triple eight post backlog

The battalion would participate in a parade ceremony where Joan of Arc was executed before being housed in a luxurious hotel in Paris where all the remaining members would receive first-class service. At this time, the war had concluded, the battalion had been reduced by 300, and a further 200 would be discharged from service in January 1946.

Upon the battalions’ return to the United States in February 1946, it would be disbanded at Fort Dix, New Jersey. At the time, there was no public recognition of their military service.

Many years later, in February 2009, the battalion would be honored at the Women in Military Service for America Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery. Three former unit members would be in attendance, Alyce Dixon, Mary Ragland, and Gladys Shuster Carter. In the same year, Ragland and Dixon would be honored by President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama.

tyler perry war drama six triple eight maybell tanner campbell indiana hunt martin

Six Triple Eight veterans Maybelle Tanner Campbell (Left) and Indiana Hunt-Martin (Right) at the 2019 National Memorial Day Parade

Who are the cast members of Six Triple Eight?

At the time of writing, no cast members have been announced for Six Triple Eight.

What is the production status of Six Triple Eight?

In issue #1327 of Production Weekly, filming is scheduled to occur between January 9th and April 6th, 2023.

Netflix did not respond to a request for comment for this article.

Are you looking forward to watching Six Triple Eight on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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