New Movies and Shows on Netflix UK This Week: July 29th, 2022

The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard is now on Netflix UK – Picture: Lionsgate

Welcome to your weekly recap for Netflix UK where we’ve got many new releases to cover. Not all are must-watches, but we’re here to sift through the best new releases and give you the most popular shows and movies throughout the United Kingdom. 

We’ll soon be moving into a new month come next week where you’ve got lots to look forward to throughout the month of August.

What to Watch on Netflix UK This Week

The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard (2021)

Director: Patrick Hughes
Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson, Salma Hayek, Antonio Banderas, Morgan Freeman, Frank Grillo

Netflix has been getting in on the action movie genre headlined by big celebs with the likes of Red Notice and The Gray Man over the past few years but that’s not to say other distributors aren’t either.

With a budget for $70 million, the movie features all the thrills you’d expect and let’s be fair, it’s not winning any awards but if you’re looking for a follow-up to the aforementioned The Gray Man, this is a great watch.

Here’s what you can expect from the movie:

“Bodyguard Michael Bryce is thrown in with hitman Darius Kincaid and wife Sonia as they get sucked into a global plot in this wild, over-the-top comedy.”

Rogue Agent (2022)

Director: Adam Patterson, Declan Lawn
Cast: James Norton, Gemma Arterton, Marisa Abela, Sarah Goldberg, Shazad Latif, Jimmy Akingbola

Coming to Netflix exclusively (but only in the United Kingdom, as we first reported) is Rogue Agent, a new movie that’s based on a real story that was featured in the Netflix Original docuseries The Puppet Master: Hunting the Ultimate Conman.

Here’s what you can expect from the movie which is

“A con artist masquerades as an MI5 agent for years. But then he scams a quick-witted lawyer — who decides to take him down. Based on a true story.”

Purple Hearts (2022)

Director: Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum
Cast: Sofia Carson, Nicholas Galitzine, Chosen Jacobs, Kat Cunning, Linden Ashby, Anthony Ippolito

Netflix has two big releases for the week: a new comedy series starring Neil Patrick Harris and the one we’re featuring here in the form of a new romantic drama, Purple Hearts.

Here’s what you can expect:

“An aspiring musician agrees to a marriage of convenience with a soon-to-deploy Marine, but a tragedy soon turns their fake relationship all too real.”

Full List of New Releases on Netflix UK This Week

33 New Movies Added to Netflix UK This Week

13 Hours that Saved Britain (2010)
2012 (2009)
A Cut Above (2022) N
A Natural Born Fool (2004)
Alone (2020)
Apollo 17: The Untold Story of the Last Men on the Moon (2011)
Auntie Faransa (2004)
Booha (2005)
Driven Wild (2008)
E-Life (2017)
First Year of Deception (2004)
Foot Fairy (2021) – Available in multiple variations
Høst: Autumn Fall (2015)
Inocente (2017)
Major (2022) – Available in 3 variations
My Mother – A Persian Princess (2000)
No Babies on the Field (2015)
Other Girls (2015)
Prince of Crime (2014)
Private Alexandria (2005)
Purple Hearts (2022) N
Recurrence (2022) N
Rogue Agent (2022) N
Shania Twain: Not Just a Girl (2022)
Soldiers in the Camp (2003)
Soul II Soul (2017)
Southern Tales (2015)
The Entitled (2022) N
The Ghost and the Tout Too (2021)
The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard (2021)
The Magic of Hope (2011)
Thieves in Thailand (2003)
Whitney Cummings: Jokes (2022) N

20 New TV Series Added to Netflix This Week

Another Self (Season 1) N
Cabins in the Wild with Dick Strawbridge (Season 1)
Car Masters: Rust to Riches (Season 4) N
Case Closed: Zero’s Tea Time (Season 1) N
DI4RIES (Season 1) N
Dream Home Makeover (Season 3) N
Fanático (Season 1) N
Gabby’s Dollhouse (Season 5) N
Gold Stars: The Story of the FIFA World Cup Tournaments (Season 1)
How to Live Mortgage Free with Sarah Beeny (Season 1)
Justice Served (Season 1) N
Keep Breathing (Limited Series) N
My Dad’s on Death Row (2017)
Oggy and the Cockroaches: Next Generation (Season 1) N
Rebelde (Season 2) N
Street Food: USA (Season 1) N
The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem (Part 2) N
The Most Hated Man on the Internet (Limited Series) N
Three Wives One Husband (Season 1)
Uncoupled (Season 1) N

Most Popular Movies on Netflix UK This Week

Picture: Netflix

The Sea Beast (71 points)
Persuasion (66 points)
The Gray Man (60 points)
He’s Just Not That Into You (46 points)
Girl in the Picture (41 points)
Too Old for Fairy Tales (30 points)
The Father (30 points)
The Man From Toronto (27 points)
A Day to Die (9 points)
My Dad’s on Death Row (9 points)
Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard (9 points)
American Made (9 points)
Rogue Agent (7 points)
Hustle (7 points)
Valley of the Dead (6 points)
Red Notice (4 points)
Back to the Outback (3 points)
L’assassin de ma fille (2 points)
Beautiful Creatures (2 points)
Jaadugar (1 point)
Mine (1 point)

Most Popular Shows on Netflix UK This Week

Picture: Netflix

Virgin River (80 points)
Stranger Things (72 points)
Resident Evil (61 points)
Alba (53 points)
The Umbrella Academy (43 points)
Better Call Saul (35 points)
The Adventures of Paddington (30 points)
Blown Away (16 points)
D.B. Cooper: Where Are You?! (14 points)
Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous (9 points)
The Most Hated Man on the Internet (8 points)
Lucifer (7 points)
Young Sheldon (5 points)
Car Masters: Rust to Riches (4 points)
Big Timber (2 points)
Indian Predator: The Butcher of Delhi (1 point)

What are you watching on Netflix UK this week? Let us know in the comments.

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