Netflix K-Drama ‘Narco-Saints’ Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status and What to Expect | © 2023

Given the current projection of the series, we’re hopeful of renewal. However, over the next several weeks we’ll continue to report on the performance of the series, and whether or not the viewing statistics will line up with its potential renewal.

Does Narco-Saints need a second season?

Whether or not Narco-Saints needs a second season is completely subjective. There will be many subscribers who watched the series and will be satisfied by the ending, and there will also be plenty of subscribers who would love to see much more.

As far as the story goes, everything was wrapped up neatly for a satisfying ending. After helping the NIS and the DEA take down the drug lord Yo-hwan, Kang was finally able to return home. After a six-month time skip, Kang was back to work as a mechanic in his shop, where agent Chang-Oh offered two karaoke bars as payment for his work, but Kang turns the payment down.

narco saints season 2 netflix renewal status and what we know so far kang

Pictured. Hwang Jung Min as Jeon Yo Hwan – Copyright. Netflix

With his work with the NIS finished, Kang wishes to discuss with his family his involvement in the capture of drug lord Yo-hwan, however, Chang-oh makes Kang aware that the NIS will never publicly acknowledge his involvement in the operation.

For the story to continue, Kang would need to continue his involvement with the NIS, and officially be hired as an undercover agent to infiltrate more drug rings or other criminal organizations. Without being hired by the NIS, it’s extremely hard to see where the story could go.

narco saints season 2 netflix renewal status and what we know so far kang and hwan

Pictured. Jeon Yo Hwan posing as a pastor (left) and Kang in Gu (centre) – Copyright. Netflix

Alternatively, the series could be approached like an anthology, with the one consistent factor in each season being Chang Ho, played by Squid Game and Money Heist: Korea actor Park Hae Soo. Each season could see a different operation taking place in a different part of the globe, with a brand new cast of characters and story.

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