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It’s been 23 years since the beloved Australian teen drama Heartbreak High came to an end. Now a brand new generation of actors takes to the halls and corridors of Hartley High in an exciting reboot of Heartbreak High which arrives on Netflix in September 2022.

Heartbreak High is an upcoming Australian YA drama series and reboot of the 90s series of the same name. Created by Hannah Carrol Chapman, an entire team of writers helped write for the 8-part series. Directing duties have been split amongst 4 directors, Gracie Otto (4 episodes), Adam Murfet (2 episodes), Jessie Oldfield (2 episodes), and Neil Sharma (2 episodes). The series is being produced by Fremantle Australia and NewBe.

When is the Heartbreak High season 1 Netflix release date?

With the release of the trailer, we can now confirm that Heartbreak High will be released on Friday, September 14th, 2022.

What is the plot of Heartbreak High?

The discovery of a secret map that charts all the hook-ups in the school year makes its architect, Amerie, an instant pariah. In an effort to set the hypersexual students straight, the school forces them into a Sexual Literacy Program. With her new friends, outsiders, Quinn and Darren, must repair her reputation, whilst navigating love, sex, and heartbreak.

Who are the cast members of Heartbreak High?

Below are the confirmed cast members of the new Heartbreak High:

Ayesha Madon as Amerie
James Majoos as Darren
Chloe Hayden as Quinni
Asher Yasbincek as Harper
Thomas Weatherall as Malakai
Will McDonald as Cas$h
Josh Heuston as Dusty
Gemma Chua-Tran as Sasha
Bryn Chapan Parish as Spider
Sherry-Lee Watson as Missy
Brodie Townsend as Ant
Chika Ikogwe as Jojo Obah
Maggie Dence as Nan
Paul Caeser as Mr. Crabb
Sandy Sharma as Huma
Mark Bryan Merco as Demogorgon

What is the episode count?

There will be a total of eight episodes of the rebooted Heartbreak High.

Each episode will have a runtime of 60 minutes.

Where was Heartbreak High filmed?

Heartbreak High was filmed in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

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