Every Netflix Original Show and Movie Removed from Netflix | © 2023

Netflix Original Shows Removed Part Way Through Their Run

There have been two major instances of shows being removed from Netflix internationally. In both instances, it was because they were renewed away from Netflix.

  • The Expanse – Netflix has the international rights to all of the Syfy seasons of The Expanse before Amazon Prime Video revived the show and became the new home.
  • Star Trek: Discovery – Netflix held the exclusive international rights to every season up until season 4 where ViacomCBS bought back the rights in favor to put it on Paramount+ when it eventually lands around the world.

Netflix Originals Removed due to government takedowns

The most famous example of Netflix getting ordered to remove content is Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj. An episode critical of the regime in the country was ordered to be pulled back in January 2019.

The following titles were removed from Netflix Singapore and have been removed from several other regions too:

  • The Last Hangover (eventually removed globally)
  • The Temptation of Christ (eventually removed globally)
  • Cooking on High
  • Disjointed

That’s the current list. We’ll keep expanding this over time as and when other Netflix Originals depart from the service.