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A Trip to the Moon (Color)

A Trip to the Moon (1902)
A Trip to the Moon poster Rating: 8.2/10 (26,747 votes)
Director: Georges Méliès
Writer: N/A
Stars: François Lallement, Jules-Eugène Legris
Runtime: 13 min
Rated: TV-G
Genre: Short, Adventure, Fantasy
Released: 04 Oct 1902
Plot: A group of astronomers go on an expedition to the moon.

Prolific and visionary filmmaker Georges Méliès released La Voyage Dans La Lune (“A Trip to the Moon”) in 1902 to great acclaim, and it has managed to retain its beauty and magic even now. Though it’s usually a crime to colorize (literally hand-coloring) films from the Silent Era, A Trip to the Moon’s spectacle and artistry essentially demands it (you may recognize iconic parts of the movie like the capsule landing in the moon’s eye). In 2011, after a rare hand-colored original print was restored, the French band Air recorded a soundtrack specifically for the dreamy film, which runs just over 15 minutes long. The result is something trippy, bizarre, beautiful, haunting, and triumphant. Even with such a short runtime and without the aid of dialogue, Méliès conveys satirical anti-imperialist sentiments mixed with humor and hope, and in doing so, ended up creating one of the most influential and greatest cinematic achievements in history. Be sure to read the story’s context and overview at the start of the movie, but then let it sweep you away. — Allison Keene

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