When will ‘After Ever Happy’ be on Netflix? | © 2023

Over the past two movies, only a select handful of regions have received After movies, either sold elsewhere or unavailable in other countries.

After We Fell Netflix Release Date Netflix

Regions that are expected to receive After Ever Happy either in 2022 or 2023 include:

  • Netflix Canada
  • Netflix USA
  • Netflix Hong Kong
  • Netflix India
  • Netflix Japan
  • Netflix Malaysia
  • Netflix Phillippines
  • Netflix Thailand

We’re not expecting all regions to receive After Ever Happy at the same time either. For the past two films, we’ve seen Netflix in Asia receive the movie first before hitting the US and Canada much later.

Netflix US and Canada received After We Fell significantly later than Asia, with most regions getting the movie in October 2021, while the US had to wait until mid-January 2022.

As a rough estimate, those in Asia should receive the new movie by the close of 2022 while those in US and Canada may need to wait until early 2023.

Amazon will carry After Ever Happy in other regions

The past two movies have been released on Amazon Prime Video in several locations, including the United Kingdom and France. That will once again be the case going into the fourth movie and that’s despite the original movie, After, streaming in the UK as of September 2022.

Back in August 2021, Prime Video secured the rights to both After We Fell and After Ever Happy. Amazon Prime Video is debuting the movie in September 2022.

Are you looking forward to checking out the fourth After movie on Netflix? Let us know down below.